2015 Christmas

2015 Christmas

2016.12.06 – 皮皮爆冷,勇奪冠軍!

2015.11.01 – Ortega Park.

2015.11.15 – 告別少林少林!一言難盡,有緣再見。

2015.11.10 – Second Grade field trip to Vasona County Park.

2015.11.15 – Jane’s piano recital. She has been learning piano for 2+ years now but she went through 4 teachers – Ms. Melissa, Ms. Irina, Ms. Lily, and now Ms. Salta. Ms. Salta is the best of all as she has a heart for children and she cares about Jane’s progress. Hope things will work out this time! Dress is a gift from Sylvia 姨姨 two years ago.

2015.03.08 – After getting 3 (皮皮) + 1(晶晶) White belts, they finally get a YELLOW BELT!

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